Car Diagnostic Service

Car Diagnostic Services

If one fact of life is certain, things age – and time is the enemy when it comes to your car’s air conditioning system as well. Small (or big) leaks can start to reduce the effectiveness of your vehicle’s A/C, affecting the ability for the compressor to receive adequate pressure to do its job.

The compressor’s job is to make sure refrigerant is pumping at a high pressure on its way into the condenser, where the process of changing gas to a liquid occurs, followed by the liquid returning to a gas before it reaches your air vents. If something along the way isn’t functioning properly, you may experience some warning signs:

  • Less cool air from your A/C (it may still be cold, just not as cold as it used to be)
  • Air flow is not increasing, regardless of how high you turn it up
  • Grinding or squealing sounds when the A/C is running could be sign of compressor issues
  • Musty or stale smell coming from air vents may be a symptom of a coolant system leak or even mold growth
  • Water leaking inside your car can be caused by blockages in the evaporator’s drain tube
  • Visible, greasy-looking leaks may indicate a Freon leak from the refrigerator (this can be a serious problem and requires immediate attention)

With specialised equipment and expertly-trained technicians, our teams at every workshop location are set up to ensure your vehicle’s A/C system is functioning efficiently.

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We use the latest diagnostic equipment to guarantee your vehicle is repaired or serviced properly and in a timely fashion. We are a member of Professional Auto Service, of being world-class automotive service our clients receive the support they need to enjoy their regular training activities.